Going Free-To-Play? What are the details?

Grapple Tournament is transitioning to Free-to-Play (F2P) in two phases.

1. The Transition Phase:

First of all we'll update the game to support the changes to come, with a fully reworked customization system, new skins, improved UI and a lot of small enhancements throughout the game.

To show our appreciation to all players who've supported us by purchasing the game, we will be providing in-game currency in pair to the price you paid for the game on both Steam and Meta platforms. The currency can be changed for in-game items, weapon skins and other goodies. This is our way of saying a huge "Thank You" for your belief in the game and loyalty.

Important: If you bought the game, please start the game (log in) at least once to get your CREDITS!

We are going to turn the current Quest demo into the free version on App Lab, opening up multiplayer for all and adding new in-app-purchasable items, seasonal exclusive items and more! Post-transition, this will be the only version available for Meta Quests, making it easier for everyone to join in on the fun!

During this transition phase, the existing Quest paid version will be updated to mirror the free version however we encourage all players to start using the free Quest version as we'll sunset the paid app in the near future.

The Steam paid version will also be transitioned to the free version. This also means that the Steam demo will be redundant and removed at some point.

During the transition phase, there might be occasions when crossplay doesn't work for a short while, but we'll do our best to keep this unwanted downtime to the minimum possible.

The transition phase is expected to last until 1st of September.

2. Post-Transition Phase:

We will solely maintain and improve the free versions of the game to provide a consistent experience for all players on both Meta and Steam platforms.

The Quest paid version will be sunset to ensure all players are directed towards the free version as a single, unified platform. Don't worry you loose nothing and all your purchased items will still be yours in the free version and the experience will be the same.

After long internal discussions we had to come to the conclusion to end support for Quest 1. Expected to take effect at the beginning of September.

Lastly, we will also be sunsetting the Rift version of the game. For Rift players we recommend moving to the Steam version.

We understand that these changes may raise a few questions, but rest assured, we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. Our goal remains to deliver a high-quality VR esports experience to you, and we believe this Free-to-Play model will enable us to continually improve, innovate, and expand Grapple Tournament to serve you better.

We truly appreciate your understanding, support, and love for Grapple Tournament throughout these changes.

Make sure to join the discussion or read the FAQ on our Discord (https://discord.gg/A4fUKDC) and stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Where can I play Grapple Tournament VR?

On Meta Quests (Oculus Quests):


The Steam VR version is fully playable on Oculus Quests with Link Cable, Air Link or Virtual Desktop and with Oculus Rift.

Development Roadmap

We are constantly improving the game and adding more content.
You can find the development roadmap on the Grapple Tournament Trello page:

Cross-play? Cross-buy?

Yes the game is cross-play between all platforms including Steam, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quests.


The game is transitioning to free-to-play. Please read the first item in the FAQ for more information.

Oculus Quest network issue via Virtual Desktop?

Open Steam VR, go to home then load the game in SteamVR, this enables you to select "Oculus SDK mode". (You might need to reinstall Virtual Desktop or Steam if this doesn't work, then try again.)

Another fix would be to change from your current 5G channel to one that is used by fewer devices.

Is this multiplayer only?

No. You can also play against bots on multi maps, play on practice range against drones (in Early Access) and co-op mini missions focusing on grapple swinging with your buddies are work in progress.

What to do against VR/motion sickness?

How can I use the grappling hook more effectively?

Additional notes:
Swinging wise we found that long distances and big open maps are just not fun enough with the current pixel densities of VR headsets yet and lead to too much meaningless searching for enemies or hiding, which slows down the game. It's also harder to hit someone if they can constantly grapple too far and changing directions mid-way favors the pros only. The player speed is somewhat limited compared to 2D-screen shooters to tackle VR nausea but with practice you can still fly fast. Currently players can't change grappling directions frequently to invoke player decisions: do I need the high ground or am I better off with mobility on current level?

Any pro tips for the game?

Voice chat not working?

If you can't hear others or others can't hear you please check the following:
1. Make sure your VR headset is your default input and output device in the Sound Settings in Windows
2. Make sure to check your audio settings in-game to see if your voice chat is enabled and/or it's not muted

Friends and Party features (plus private lobbies)

To access the friends and party features open the PAUSE MENU and select SOCIAL.

Under SOCIAL you can see three tabs:
- FRIENDS: your ingame and Steam friends
- PARTY: your party (if you are in one)
- INVITES: any invite sent for you to join a party

How to add a friend?
1. Open the Pause Menu
2. Select SOCIAL
3. Select the FRIENDS tab
4. Ask for your friend's code, he can see it as "Your code" on his side
5. Type in your friend's code and press ADD FRIEND
6. Your friend will be added to your friend list (FRIENDS tab)

How to invite a friend to my party?
1. Open the Pause Menu
2. Select SOCIAL
3. Select the FRIENDS tab
4. Search for your friend and press INVITE

How to accept a party request?
1. Open the Pause Menu
2. Select SOCIAL
3. Select the INVITES tab
4. Accept the request
5. After a few seconds you can check in the PARTY tab that you are in the party

Voice chat in party?
If you are in a party, the party voice channel will be activated and you will be able to talk before and during the matches but will not hear other players who are not in your party.
Remember, you can always turn off voice chat completely in the Pause Menu/ Options/ Audio page.

Private lobby? Private match?
You can play private matches. In private matches only those who are in your party can join the match.

To play in a private lobby follow these steps.
1. Create a party (invite your friends)
2. Go to the Multiplayer board
3. The Party Leader (the one who created it) checks the PRIVATE PARTY MATCH checkbox
4. The Party Leader selects QUICK PLAY

What happens if I quit/crash while I'm in a party?
Currently there is no rejoin feature yet so you have to ask your friends to regroup the party and start again.
We are working on the rejoin feature.

I played with friends, now I can't press Quick Play?
You can only press Quick Play if you are the Leader of the party OR you are not in a party.
Please go to PAUSE MENU/ SOCIAL/ PARTY to check this status